Why does my Samsung Blu Ray player keeps turning itself off?

Question by daaaniel: Why does my Samsung Blu Ray player keeps turning itself off?
Hello, about a year ago we bought a Samsung 50″ TV and a Samsung blu ray home theater system to go with it.

Just recently when we were watching TV the Receiver just shuts itself off, and we then have to turn it back on. It happens 2 or 3 times every half hour.

I had a theory that maybe it was overheating, but i don’t know what to do about it.

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Answer by The Eagle Keeper
If it’s over heating it needs more ventilation. I cannot say why it’s doing that. Double check that spacing between and checkponents. This is also why you should not buy a home theater in a box system. When one and checkponent dies, it’s all dead. Get a receiver, separate 5.1 speakers, & a separate Blu-ray player. It will be easier to diagnose any problems with that type of set up.

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3 Responses to Why does my Samsung Blu Ray player keeps turning itself off?

  1. Jumpod Plekhongthu says:

    Do you try to upgrade the firmware?
    The Samsung has many issue in the last year.


  2. best_buy_tom says:

    Yes, it’s an overheating issue. Make sure nothing is on top of the receiver unit, that you have about 3″ on either side and 6″ on top, and it is standing alone on it’s own shelf. If possible, it should NOT be in a space with closed glass doors or a closed in back side. The more room for hot hair to move away, THE BETTER!

    I did get relief once using a small “chip-clip” fan I got at a dollar store…seemed to solve the problem for me!

    Good Luck!

  3. bbt91945 says:

    The system will create heat and should have to problem of heat unless you are driving the system to it’s max power. More than likely it is a circuit problem with the system. You can try calling or emailing the manufacturer and see what the say. Most home theater in a box are not very reliable and when one item fails the whole system will need to be replaced. Hope this will help you out.

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