How do I change my setting for Sony Blu Ray to view in 1080p?

Question by kscott_217: How do I change my setting for Sony Blu Ray to view in 1080p?
When I drop in a standard DVD and choose “display” in the upper left corner it says 420p. When I drop in a blu ray dvd and click “display” it still says 420p. I have a Philips 37″ LCD 1080p TV. Any suggestions? I bought a HDMI cable, cheap on the Internet, Could that be the issue?

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Answer by Golfer
You need to go into the “video settings” menu then choose video “output video format” choose HDMI then go into HDMI resolution settings. There you can choose what output you want. Since your tv is 1080p, choose that. The “cheap” internet cable was a good buy and isn’t the problem.

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  1. 10 Point Palin says:

    it could be the cable. all hdmi cables (version 1.1 – 1.3) support 1080p but not all support 120hz refresh rate- some cheap version 1.1 and 1.2 only support up to 60hz. this could also affect the way it is then reading a 1080p / 120hz signal if the tv is capable of that

    otherwise check the video settings on the player and tv and make sure 1080p option is enabled

  2. Peter D says:

    You need to set the video output resolution in the player’s setup menu.

    I recommend you consult the manual.

  3. d3v10u5b0y says:

    First of all, to respond to what someone above said, there is no need for HDMI cables to support 120Hz. The 120Hz refresh is handled by the television, not the source or the cable. Therefore, there is no truth when someone tells you your HDMI cable can’t handle 120Hz. It’s not even just a lie, it’s completely stupid.

    Anyhow, reasons why your TV may be display blu-ray at 420p (I’m more inclined to believe that you are referring to either 480p or 720p)

    -HDMI output settings (as someone else mentioned) are incorrect
    -Blu-ray is also connected via composite cables and TV is on wrong input
    -TV does not fully support HDCP, causing a drop in resolution.
    -HDMI cable not accurately receiving authentication handshake from the TV (this would be a problem w/ the TV, not the HDMI cable).

    It may also help if you post in Additional Details the model of the blu-ray player so we can check specific settings regarding HDMI output display settings. Also, the model of your Philips TV so we can research any known issues. And, lastly, if it only happens on one movie – the name of that movie could help. If not, disregard as this is most likely not the issue.

    It may be something as simple as changing a setting or applying a firmware update to your blu-ray player or television.

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