Q&A: Can I hook up my blu ray player to older surround system?

Question by Datsyukian_Style: Can I hook up my blu ray player to older surround system?
I have an LG blu ray player, model BD270. Im wondering if I can hook it up to my older dvd/5.1 channel speaker system. DVD player is an AudioLogic, a few steps down to your typical sony. Im just confused, sounds weird to hook up a blu ray player to a dvd player and use the audio portion of it.
The older surround system doesnt have HDMI outlets on it.

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Answer by bbt91945
Most home theater in box are not flexible for connecting additional equipment to them. Like your blu ray disc player, you might be able to connect the audio portion if you have an audio input to your system. Look or an optical or coax input, this will provide the 5.1 surround sound while the rca red and white does not. In the future I recommend you get a receiver and separate speakers. The receiver is flexible for any additional gear you want for the future. Hope this will help you out.

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  1. Dsfhsdh says:

    Every time I plugged my speakers into my laptop, a window opened to configure them. I was annoyed by it and I pressed don’t show this again. Now even when the speakers are plugged in the music and sounds played out of both the speakers and my computer. I think I need that page to come up again so if anyone knows how to get it back or get the music to play out of just the speakers it would be great. Thanks.
    3 hours ago – 4 days left to answer.

  2. BANG P says:

    Connect optical cable ( 5.1 surround sound ) or red & white cables ( stereo ) output from Blu-ray player to sound system input for audio.

  3. LaVv says:

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